Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anyone Know Any Good Lolicon Sites Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Shotacon/lolicon/barefoot Sites?

Does anyone know of any good shotacon/lolicon/barefoot sites? - anyone know any good lolicon sites

I know I'm weird and perverse, but was not hurt sticks and stones


Purr.. said...
the site, but clean. You know what I mean by clean.
You can by day barefoot. and a picture of a large number

This shows naked ...

Urrelles said...
This page contains a section Loli, but the results are purely coincidental. Since the 4-chan, it will taint your soul, if you look around there too.

Please do not forget to watch your ISP, these things private. Try not constitute, a provider of public access as a dormitory. College students are now high goals "of the lynching of the Internet" by law enforcement agencies and businesses.

Please do not you stand for something loli on Kazaa or LimeWire in context. You'll mainly find yourself with unexpected child pornography (Vicky), the disciples, viruses, etc., of the law enforcement wants to set up traps to catch the bad guys here.

Also, people hide their illegal files, change the name to something a little different (or differently). Song by Metallica, if you look hard? Child pornography and is now on your computer. Delete is not sufficient, because the actual data file is still on your computer. The data is not completely disrupted for several months, it will slow more fragmented and overwritten by other data.
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Before, when I found Limewire illegal content is about 5 times per month to various samples for words and dark images. That's pretty bad.

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